How to make a resevation with us




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We will contact 

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You will need a Visa or Mastercard to confim. *



  • Children must be 12 yrs or older


  • Weight limit is 200lbs (we are flexible so please ask!) Rule of thumb is that no horse should be asked to carry more than 25% of its own body weight


  • No tandem riding


  • Non-riders coming on the courtesy bus will be charged $20 round trip


  • This activity is not suitable for the physically or mentally impaired.


Price: $150 per person which includes the round trip transportation and 1.5/2 hours of riding.


Reservations are required and must be made with VISA or Mastercard.


24 hours notice must be given in case of cancellations.


Pick up times are:


  • Atlantis and Paradise Island hotels: 8am and 10:30am


  • Cruise Ships and down town hotels: 8:15am and 10:45am


  • Cable Beach hotels and West Nassau: 8:30am and 11am

* Your card is not charged and is used to secure

    your booking only.


 * If you would like to pay by card, please bring

    it with you on the day otherwise cash is very


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